Android builds crash on startup

Hi, i’ve made two build for Android of some games i’m working on, one is on 3D third person Blueprint template, and the other one is 2D side scroller Blueprint template. Both of them crash on my smartphone (Oppo Find 7a) after displaying 1 frame. In the building console i receive “BUILD SUCCESFULL”. What could it be? I packaged for Android-ETC1


My PC specs:

CPU: i7-4710HQ
VGA: nVidia GTX 860M
RAM: 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz


Log in attachments.

Open Notepad, save this to a .bat file (if you are on windows).

Run the bat file right after your app crashes. This command will dump whatever is in the system log on the device, so you will have to look for parts of the log that relates to UE4 near the end of the text file. You should hopefully be able to see what the last thing that happens is before the crash.

I posted the building log file in the first post, thanks for the help.

I attached the log you asked here.

I can only see that the app died, but I can’t make out why. Maybe someone more experienced knows why.

Could it be useful to try on another smartphone? Therefore mine is one of the best currently so i don’t think it should be a problem of compatibility.

I see this on the log: W/Adreno-ES20(30481): <gl_draw_error_checks:580>: GL_INVALID_OPERATION
So there’s something your phone doesn’t support that we didn’t catch… Can you try another phone? Did you change anything on the materials or added new ones or other effects/lights?