Android Build isn't working

Hello, I’m creating a game for android, and I’m in my last steps, but I need some help with my monetization. Both my ads and In-App-Purchases aren’t working. My ads don’t load (ID is Admob’s interstitial ads testing ID):



The game can’t find my IAPs, I’ve confirmed that the string I’m using in the “make in app purchase” node is the same as my Google play product ID:


And finally, the one that arguable bothers me the most, is that this “Set Vector Parameter” node doesn’t appear to work in my shipped game, but it works fine in-editor:




Update, I’ve fixed the beam problem and the in-app purchases, but the ads still don’t work
I fixed the IAPs by using the “v2” version of the make-in-app-purchase node, and I fixed the beam problem by setting a custom system variable when the niagara particle system is created. This variable is set using the simulation start, and then I attached the niagara system to an object and as that object moves, the simulation distance keeps reseting itself and moves as intended.