Android Build for Pico G2 device crash after splash

Hi, im currently developing a simple VR video player for Pico G2 VR but the final build keep crashing after the splash. However I tested building just the BG (360 image) and another one just the widget (the video list and video player) and both are working fine but when i combined them it crash after splash. Here is the last log.txt for the last build that have them combined.

P.s. there are around 1700 textures (less than 512 px) that is not power of 2, i thought originally this was the cause, but like i said b4 when i hav the build with just the widget (that include those textures) it works and can even play the video properly so im not sure what causing it.

P.s.(1) the project name is: BI_VR_VideoPlayer and Appname: BI E-Learning VR

I hope anyone can help me diagnose the log.txt since im a newbie developer and just using blueprint. Thanks in advance and have a good day :):):slight_smile: