Android build failed

at the first, my english is not the best.
I want to package my Mobile project from UE4, but I get an error. I already reinstalled NVPACK and created a new project. If you need more informations then tell me.

It is not a good idea to have space in the path of your JDK.

The C:/Program Files (x86) Java could potentially be causing the error.

It is better to install NVPACK in a custom location with the path containing no spaces. If your change the folders, you will also need to reset your Environment variables under Advanced System Settings to reflect the new paths.

If you get confused, I suggest simple un-installing and re-installing NVPACK. You need not re-download, for safety copy and paste your CodeWorksforAndroid folder and while re-installing deselect everything, complete setup, paste it again and then install everything.