Android Build Failed

Going along with Ninjin.

It looks like its calling these settings here - double check em.

link textHello, i am still new at unreal engine 4.16. Whenever tried packaging for android it gives me error.
2 log file are attached below. Any help will be appreciated.
link text

i have created guide to get started android developement in detail here you can check that out here.

You need to upgrade to the latest androidworks version (CodeWorks for Android 1r6u1)! <3

ok i will try that also and will update comment.
Thanx for help
update:Thanx A lot man it worked

Thanx sir I did it and it worked like a champ.Thanx A lot For your support.
Really appreciated.

That’s great! Make sure to accept the answer, so others know they have to upgrade. Sadly the docs are giving 2 answers and I didn’t upgrade to latest myself and had the same error <3.

Docs need to be updated there is a lot of outdated stuff there.

Sorry to annoy again, but it’s about this

So, if other people use the search function and type in “android build failed”, they will see that it’s resolved! That would be really helpful for others <3