Android build failed

Hello I plan on making an android game with UE4 but when I try to launch the project with my phone an error occurs and I have no clue why…

This is the log containing the error :
[link text][1]. Line 60, 61, 66 and 67 appear in red in the editor.

I don’t understand why this error happens and I hope someone can help me.

100834-projectlauncher.txt (8.3 KB)


Did you update from AndroidWorks to CodeWorks? If not, you’ll need to uninstall AndroidWorks and install CodeWorks. You can do so by the following:

  • In Binary: [EngineInstallLocation]\Unreal Engine[EngineVersion]\Engine\Extras\Android
  • In GitHub: [EngineSyncLocation\UE4\Engine\Extras\Android

Once you’ve done that, restart your computer. Then go back into the engine and make sure that you still have your Android SDK set up in Project Settings.