android build doesn't work but windows build does

I’ve been making a game and its always worked and I downloaded everything needed to build it (following a full tutorial on YouTube) , and it just gets stuck on the splash screen and crashes every time, I’ve tried 2 different android devices and multiple emulators BUT a windows build works just fine. During build it doesn’t output any errors or warnings regarding the project. I’ve reinstalled everything to do with android studio 2 times and nothing is working. I’m using 4.27.1

There are tons of little things that differ from platform to platform, and any of them may crash application. So best way is to deploy your project to android for testing from very beginning. Honestly i have no idea how you could debug that stuff without much experience. So either find somebody that can check why it is crashing, or start coding this stuff from beginning, but this time check every day if its crashing or not.

Things that may crash on android devices:

  • wrong shader format
  • some textures are in wrong format
  • in editor construction scripts (and most of other actors) load in different order than in standalone app

Try removing splash screen, see if game does anything at all. Add some beep or signal that level bp or game mode bp got to BeginPlay event (like add play sound there).