[ANDROID] [BUG?] Black stripes with Mobile HDR turned on

Today I have tested a very simple scene on my Nexus 10 (Android 4.4.4). I’m using UE 4.4.0.
It contains just one static directional light, a global post process volume, a precomputed visibility volume and a simple static mesh. I have built the lighting before I deployed.

With Mobile HDR disabled I get the following image. Everything seems to render fine at 60 fps:

The same scene with Mobile HDR and post-processing turned on. First I thought there was a problem with my post process settings, so I disabled the post-processing entirely with the “show postprocessing” console command but the stripes remained (lowermost image, I changed the point of view because without post process effects the stripes are hard to see in a static picture, the shadow looks different because I added a static skylight and played around with lightmap resolution settings).

I have also tested the scene on my Sony Xperia V (Android 4.3). There I only got one horizontal stripe in the center of the screen, which was barely noticeable.
I’m not sure whether these artifacts are a bug or whether they could be caused by some wrong settings. I would be pleased if someone could help me.

I have are different crazy bugs of renderer on Sony Xperia TX and Galaxy Tab 2. My theme on UE4 forum (nobody can help): [Mobile] Too bright lighting - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Hey AlmazDelDiablo -

The devices on builds of Android you are testing do not support full Mobile HDR and in newer versions of the engine the scene will render completely black. Take a look at our Android Compatibility list here for more specific information.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum