Android Black Screen of Death (i.e. no Splash Screen)

Is there anyway to get a splash screen image or movie to display in Android versions during the app boot up process?

Our app sits there for roughly 45 seconds with nothing but a black screen. I call this the Black Screen of Death because potential customers are never going to wait that long, and will think the app is broken.

I have seen suggestions to play an intro movie via the Project Settings->Movies config, but others have said it is “not implemented in Android yet”, and my testing proves that out.

Is there anyway through the AndroidManifest.xml file to show at least a still image while Unreal 4 boots? Or, is it possible to load a starter map with nothing in it but a splash screen, and then load the full map in the background (assuming of course that the starter map would pop up within a second or two)?

We are using Unreal Engine v4.5.1

Android doesn’t have a built-in splash screen mechanism like iOS does and UE4 doesn’t seem to implement their own either. You also get a “black screen of death” if you have a large level as default level in iOS after the system-managed splash screen.

I our project we use the level streaming to get around this. The default level contains no assets: all it contains is blueprint code do display a “loading” screen, wait 1 second, begin streaming the actual “default” level asynchronously then remove the splash screen when the loading is done.

Still, there’s a few too many seconds of black nothingness before the app starts. I’m planning to dive in the source code to find the Android-specific boot code to see if something can be done about it.

pedro_clericuzzi and all:

Here are some info on how to achieve this:

I have to do this myself but not right now (there are other higher priority things and I hope Epic will do it at some point!)