Android Black Screen after launch

I have uploaded multiple APKs with different texture compression (with filters) to the play store for beta testing.

In the devices I have tested so far, 2 out of a total of 3, show a black screen after launch.

The launch screens are displayed correctly, and when the main menu of my game should have appeared, I get the black screen, but I can hear the menu music playing.

The devices experiencing the issue are

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 (using ATC)
  2. Samsung Note 4 (using ASTC)

The device that does not have an issue is my own Nexus 5, which I also use for tests during development.

I am attaching the logcat from the samsung galaxy s5.


I have the same problem. I can see the HUD, and gamepad joystich touch controls, but the background renders black.

Solved. In my case the solution was simply installing additional api compatible with the device in Android SDK manager.

Can you please elaborate on your solution?

I went to the SDKmanager.exe, then a list appears of api versions tu install, I’ve selected the most popular ones, installed them, restarted unreal, built the game and the problem was solved.