Android back button not showing up in blueprint menu

Hi I’m finishing up my game’s menus right now. I have all the buttons working for the most part and haven’t had any major issues with them yet, however I am trying to implement the android back button press in order to close a UMG widget. Right now it’s set so the user must click the yes or no button to close the dialog box that appears, but for ease of use and familiarity purposes I want to add back button to close as well as clicking outside of the widget to close.

The problem is that there aren’t any options for android input that show up in the UMG blueprint graph, so I am unable to add neither back button or off widget functionality. If anyone can give me some advice/resources how this may be worked around and implemented I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


Android input options not showing up in list in UMG blueprint graph. Looking for workaround