Android (AR-Core) Multiple Audio Tracks Looping

Hi, I’m trying to create a simple AR app where you place members of a rock band in the world and then they start to play. I created 4 looping audio tracks (1 for each instrument). They should start when the actor for the band member hast been placed but they should also take the state of the music loop into account.
So here is what I mean: Each audio track is approximately 14 seconds long, after it finishes, it loops automatically and creates a seamless loop. All of the tracks played together loop perfectly.
But when I try to play them separately they don’t sync up with one another.
I’ve tried multiple methods:

  • Starting all of the sound at begin
    play with the volume set to 0 (having
    ticked the “virtualize when silent”
    checkbox on each sound file) and then
    setting the volume to 1, when I want
    them to play.
    • Creating a sound class for each audio track and pushing/popping sound
      mix modifiers
    • Creating a looping timeline with the length of the audio loop, that
      sets a variable where the start time
      of each clip should be relative to
      the loop time.

Nothing seems to work. So maybe it is something platform related?
Thanks in advance!

i know its been a while, but did you ever solve this?