Android app size on phone larger than apk + obb file sizes

Hi, I have a simple 2d game that I’m deploying to an Android phone. I’ve reduced my APK and obb file sizes using suggestions in the Reducing APK Package Size article.

My APK is 42Mb and obb file is 13Mb. However, when I install the game on my phone, the Storage usage for the game reported by the phone is 174Mb. I expected it to be closer to the total size of the two files together. I’m very new to deploying anything on Android, so maybe my assumption about the storage space is not correct?

I’ve tried restarting the phone, uninstalling the game, etc, but it always shows as 174Mb. In fact it showed as 174Mb before I began to reduce the file sizes with compression and excluding editor content and other various settings.

Any help or explanation will be appreciated.