Android app not launching, crashing or not opening levels

What an adventure, it is 4 days now that I try to deploy an app on my mobile phone without any success.
I exported in ETC1 (any other format does the same) and it stays on the first loading screen, more precisely the splash screen.
In ETC2 It loads the first level, but when I press the button to go to the second level, here it starts the fun:

  1. It reload the same level (I already add the map in the menu to cook when packaging)
  2. It just crash
  3. it get stuck loading

Now little detail on my levels contents the first map is an empty map with only the sky sphere and a menu. The second is a level where I spawn 5 planes and I have a single character moving. So, I don’t think I’m trying to load too much content to run out of memory or anything.

I would love any suggestion at this point. I’m kind of going mad. :slight_smile: