Android app crashes when running to SSL verification

I packaged an Android program that uses a third-party library, and it crashes at startup.
crash at: FSslCertificateManager::AddCertificateToRootCertificateArray
Is this related to the cacert.pem file?
please help me!

same issue here, haven’t found the answer yet… also tried to set bValidateRootCertificates to false, then the app freezes infinitely.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue, I’m going to disable some of my plugins to see if it would allow the android app to start up

I have the same error, did you find any solution for this?

I have the same error. Suppose that 2 different versions of libSSL cause this problem.The third-party library may contains a libSSL.
But i have no idea to solve it.

Same here after updating to 4.27. Did anyone figure this one out?