Android, app crashes immediately, cant get passed ue4 splashscreen

Im doing a development build in 4.25, i can build the app successfully. I can test it in the editor with no problems. But if i try to launch or package and install it on my android device, the app opens, shows the ue4 logo for 2 or 3 seconds, then immediately closes itself. Whats even weirder is i just tried creating a new project, packaging for android, and everything worked fine on my device. I then migrated everything from my old project over (keep in mind, this is a fairly small project, with minimal assets and code), and now I am having the same issue. I cant for the life of me figure out what could be causing this, has this happened to anybody else recently? how did you fix it?

id just like to say i have narrowed this down to the issue that if i change the default player controller in the maps and modes settings, the game crashes, if i use the default player controller it works… ive even tried removing every event from the top down controller, and theres nothing in the contstruction script…

Can you include the code for your controller?

Can you include the error logs for the issue?

Thanks in advance!

so ive tried this with other custom controllers with no code, still not working. The weird thing is there are no errors at all in the output log, if i try to launch to the device it just says build completed, shows the ue4 splash screen, the logo glitches a little bit for a second, then the app just closes itself of the device. i can attach the output log if you like, though i dont think it will be much help.
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