Android app crash on startup

Hello. I try packaging app for my two devices - sony xperia sola and myphone cube.

When tap on the app - app crash after 0.5 sec :slight_smile: Screen is rotate, black screen, and turn off :frowning:

Please help. I bought UE4 yesterday.

I used Unreal Engine in Version 4.5.1

Are you using the binary version (the one that you download from the launcher) or did you compile from source?

What version of android?

Just so we can better help you :slight_smile:

Hello. Thanks for first reply on my topic :slight_smile:

My launcher downloaded all files of the engine. I did not have anything to compile. Everything was ready.

I tested apk on these devices: Sony Xperia Sola, MyPhone Cube. Sola Android: 4.0.4, Cube Android: 4.4

I want distribute my games on Google Play and Apple IOS. Game must work on all devices :slight_smile:

Please help! I looked through all the pages Google And answers.ue4.

Does it work on your devices when you launch it from the editor? or is it just malfunctioning when you build the game and move the apk to your device?
Also you say its a black screen and it turns off. Is it crashing with a message or anything or is it just going back to the previous menu screen?

On windows - work.

Black screen on android, after directly close app. Without errors. Apk is from google play, and without obb file.

Ok. I move obb to phone - work. But no textures, everything is black… And obb file - 1gb! How to fix it?

Tappy chicken have 30mb…

  1. Make sure you use the Platform: mobile and Scalable project, will help turn off costly performance hogs and much better settings for mobile.
  2. DO NOT include starter content. Textures explode your application size, so have less textures overall (and lower resolution, dont need 4k x 4k on mobile).
  3. Becareful on number of materials you use, and be careful of complex/costly materials cause they can decrease fps pretty easily on mobile.

Because of wide range of mobile GPU’s 1 texture needs to be converted to 4/5 compressed textures depending on mobile GPU. Therefore i suggest while testing figure out the one your device use and only ship/test (Android -> ATC, NOT Android -> All) on that device until you need to test on other devices/publish.

Later on you can split up your app for each type of GPU and textures it prefers. (Instead of a huge 500 mb file that targets ALL devices, you can break it up into ~120mb file that has the files/texture for ONLY that type of phone.

Ok. Please help! On ECT1 and ALL. I tried package tappy chicken for android - all work. And one more error - not show my admob ads…


and my pc

Please help! Why not have skybox and textures on android? And second thing, why do not display ads admob?