Android and Iphone Shipping

I have some questions about developing for Android or Iphone XR, Android and Iphone generally…
I would ask, if i use UE 4.25.4 i will be able to use one Iphone XR for Test application with the apple development subscription?If i will test on Iphone XR, i will be able to target any iphone IOS device on appstore?
In add, i see i can ship one APK with UE 4.25.4 for Android, if try to use one Androis Galaxy S3 it does not works, but if i use one Huawei P20 Lite it Works, i see Bluestack is not able to render GL 3+ then is not possible to use it, i would ask , if i ship one APK in ETC2, it will be useful for Google play and play store and Amazon Game Shop?Or i have to use “Android Multi?”

Thanks in Advance

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