Android 14, SDK 34, Black screen on startup

Hello everyone!

I want to do a closed test of my mobile game on Google Play. I use:
Source Unreal Engine 5.3.2
Android SDK 34
Samsung A54 with Android 14

After showing the start screen the game just shows a BLACK screen on this phone (NOT crashing). It’s important to clarify! The game WORKS completely with the same configuration if the game is NOT launched from Google Play. That is, if you run the Shipping build on the same phone on Android 14 directly from the engine, then everything works fine!

On SDK 33 everything works on the same phone in Google Play. On the same phone, everything worked with SDK 34 when Android 13 was installed on it. This error only occurs on Android 14! I cannot provide logs from the device, since Google Play publishes a Shipping assembly in which the logs cannot be found. I cannot rollback to SDK 33, because I previously published a build with SDK 34. Google prohibits rolling back.

There is a suspicion that this is due to the Google PAD plugin, which does not work correctly with SDK 34 if you download the game from Google Play (for my opinion). Are there any options to solve this problem?

I would be very grateful if you could help me fix this problem.

Hi there! Did you ever find a solution to this? Google has now made it mandatory to update target sdk to 34 and I’m having the exact same issue right now

For anyone else having this problem, just go over to your plugins and disable google PAD. It has some downsides, but it’s still better than being entirely broken and having a black screen :wink: