Android 12 (Target API 31) Google Play upload fix

So, starting November 2022 all new apps and updates on Google Play must target API 31 (Android 12) .

Unreal Engine 4 compiles well if you set target level to 31, but Google Play won’t allow to upload your app, because there are some issues in AndroidManifers.xml. You might see this error:

If it appears, that means the manifest is not ready for new requirements:

I’ve prepared a small plugin, that fixes the problem

Feel free to contribute or ask questions.


Hello, I have compiled successfully, but when uploading to playconsole the error persists version 4.26

Hi! Make sure you have plugin installed and enabled in “Plugins Manager” screen. Also, after compile, you can check the effect, by opening Intermediate/Android/arm64/AndroidManifest.xml.
android:exported attribute must be in every receiver, service and activity tags. If it is not, then plugin might be not installed correctly or disabled.

If you still get the errors, fell free to PM me in Discord: Flakky#8322

I managed to get my game published with SDK-31 / NDK-19 and upload to google play for testing and it loads…
This was done by packaging the project with unreal Engine and then used android studio to amend the manifest.
Follow this video ( Targeting S+ (version 31 and above) requires that an explicit value for android:exported be defined - YouTube ) to use android studio to amend the manifest.

Best of luck, Pip

This wont build in unreal 4.27


Thanks man for this AMAZING help. It’s a shame that Epic does not give proper support for Android Developers. Now I see why majority of mobile game developers prefer unity, even though UE has power to make some AMAZING mobile games. Cheers!

Thanks! works well!
Ue 4.26.2
Build-Tool - 30.0.3
API lvl “Android-32”

Hi, you find any solution?

Hi, thanks for sharing this, but It’s not working after enabling the plugin.

Anyway, thanks!

Hello! Do you have an error or something?

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This is the error I get. I’m on UE 4.26.2

I see, you must build the plugin from source using IDE.

You can also try to download a plugin for 4.26 from Releases section on github, it should have binaries built for you.

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Alexander, Playstore asks for API 33, have you made any plugin for this or have some advise? Or the plugin should work for API? I followed most of the advises I found in the forums, but still have the same error during uploading the game on the playstore… I wonder why should we face this error while on the game settings we clearly state the android:exported=“true”…
strugling for days and days with this :(((