Android 11 (API level 30) Save game not working


I have a problem with my game where the save game is not working. I’ve gotten around the problem so far by setting the target SDK to 28 but I can’t upload my game to Google playstore because googe requires 30 for Android 11.
I have tried many things in the last few days but nothing works when I set the target SDK to 30.
I have already read that you should turn on Use ExternalFilesDir but that did not work for me.
The game always creates a folder in /storage/emulated/0/UE4Game/ and I suspect that with the changes in android 11 (scoped storage) the game can no longer access its own savegame folder because the game does not have permissions for the storage location.

Here are my save and load blueprint that works when I package the game with target SDK 28 but not with target SDK 30.

When I try the app on android 11 there is always an error here:

These are my APK settings:

Here is the location of the save game folder on my smartphone and the folder with the savegame file is empty

I hope someone knows the solution to my problem because I have not found a solution that works properly.

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes because english is not my native language!

Unfortunately this issue still exist. The app needs to restart after first attempt to save, bcs of some permissions issue, that you need to grand for WRITE and READ, but they start working after second start of the app or more correctly the engine.
I wrote bug report month ago, but no responce even in thier bug report page.
Accordin this post:
It should work but it’s not.

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I have found a solution to my problem and I will make a tutorial soon

Hey man, any updates on that tutorial? Thanks.

I have made a tutorial that shows the solution to the problem with the Android Savegame.

Or you can watch the youtube video


Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work on 5.0.3 and current android 11. No joy getting any kind of save working on my galaxy s22