Andriod offline Speech Recognition library PocketSphinx

Hi i was able to revive the speech recognition plugin to work with UE4. GitHub - ssshammi/sphinx-ue4-andriod: Forked from shanecolb / sphinx-ue4 but the issue is none of the log from java code is getting called, it does initialize in unreal. But sphinx-ue4-andriod/SpeechRecognition_APL.xml at master · ssshammi/sphinx-ue4-andriod · GitHub The GameActivity.Log.debug is not getting called. IS there some issue with the packaging can i get some help please. Also the code sphinx-ue4-andriod/ at master · ssshammi/sphinx-ue4-andriod · GitHub
sphinx-ue4-andriod/ None of the Java debug code is getting called. has this been deprecated? Or i need to update the code based on the new xml syntax? I was able to package as [armv7] without any issues.