Andrej - Sound Design - Russian Style

After working in the film industry for a while I think I’ll go back to games, my root.

After I’m back from Iceland I’m going to produce tutorial/explanation videos on all the sound production effects of this level.

Contact is easiest via Discord:

Russian Punchy Regards,

Sound Design (+ Ambisonics & Binaural), Weapon & Foley Recording, Voice Acting / Recording, Music Mixing & Mastering

  • 12 years of hobby & professional Sound Design
  • 2 years in the film industry

Previous Work:
You can check my content on my two YouTube channels, I am working on migrating them to one.
Channel One - Gaming
Channel Two - Film

Discord is the way to go these days. :slight_smile:

Comments welcome!
TUTORIALS (Reverse Chronological Order)

The first tutorial is out! :slight_smile:

The next two tutorials are out. :slight_smile:

Something different and useful. :slight_smile:

Another little thing that might get a thought rolling. :slight_smile:

Raves are fun, let’s lead our player there! :smiley:

Something from my Discord. :slight_smile:

Something from reddit!

I feel like every UE4 sound guy gets asked how he implements his footsteps.
Well, there we go.

Ambisonics! :slight_smile:

Creating IRs from VST Plugins & using them with Convolution Reverb in UE4.25!

Yey! Granular Synthesis - Detailed Walkthrough & Free Download! :slight_smile:;base64