Andamantica/Game Development

So, I’m working on a game and it’s name for now is what the title is as of currently (the name could change, it’s a bit of a mouthful) and it is based in the future and is heavily story driven. As for the plot I have right now, it is set in a dystopian-like future like Fallout 4. But, the main guy wakes up in this dystopian place, not knowing how he got there or why he’s there and tries to find out where he is and gets into a bit of a muggufin while he is there. That’s at least the basic plot layout.
It is in pre-alpha stages as after all I’m still a little bit new to UE4 and still have to learn a few more things. But, the game will still be quite mad, if I were to say that. They’ll be a variety of enimies and common enimies and bosses as well as NPCS you’ll spot and talk too and meet etc.

Controls (so far)-
Arrow Keys move
Holding Keyboard D-Aim Weapon
Releasing D-Fire Weapon
This’ll vary on the type of weapons.
E-Switching from Third Person to First Person
Q-Physical Combat

A sneak button will also be included soon as well. I will post updates as the game develops, and my next update may probably be a first look at the game’s starting cutscene. Sorry for the long read lol. Until then, stay cool.

Stupid autocorrect.

Preview for Update 1
So, the first sneak peak for my game wont be the first cutscene as it still does have a lot of work, so instead it will be a screenshot of the first stage level. Noted that for some reason my game’s frame rate has dropped to 10FPS so it may not look clear or look dreadful overall considering it, so if anyone knows how to fix it I wouldn’t mind a little help in the comments as it is irritating. But other than that, my first screenshot is coming.