And there everything draws a red line..

I exactly followed this tutorial, but doesn’t seem that anything works
pls help

Engine Version: 4.8.3

make always sure that the .generated.h headerfile is the last one included on your class header.
maybe this fix it for you.

I’m trying to fix all the errors one by one
slowly making progress

sometimes errors occure after one minor error. make sure to fix important errors first. an indication for this is the output console of visual studio. scroll up to the first error, dont start with the last error, otherwise it is possible you “fix” correct things into wrong things :smiley:

make sure your .generated.h ist always the last include in your class headers

Also, IntelliSense sometimes displays false positives. Don’t always trust it. Build the project, then read the build error reports and fix those starting at the first error.