[and Support] Stylized Tower

The idea

Hello geek friends !

Many of us realized how beautiful and interesting toon shading could be in modern games while playing games like Zelda Breath of the wild. At least, I did ! So I thought about it a lot and found what I wanted : stylized geometries (with some normals baked to reduce geometry) with “toonish” post-process !

There are a lot of useful modular stuff (geometries are decimated) :

  1. Walls, floors, battlements, animated doors…
  2. Chests, table and bench,bottles and glass, ornamental (or not ?) swords and shields…
  3. A landscape material and a customizable commented post-process.

Some ideas for your project, I hope

Technical Information

V 1.3

Features :

  • Light Walls, modular floors, corners, battlements, doors, lamps, and useful props.
  • Optimized decimated geometries and details baked into normal maps to allow beauty AND performances !
  • 0 Overlaps !
  • Swords and shields are skeletal meshes.
  • 3 Maps to show you how awesome these assets are : 1 - Showcase 2 - Day example 3 - Night example
  • Blueprints to fill / spill the bottles / glass content, to place super lamps with gorgeous emitters, to open the chest and of course open the doors.
  • Beautiful procedural, customizable landscape material with stylized paintable grass and pebble.
  • A post process blueprint made of two parts : one for the material, one for everything else. Easy to customize too.
  • Wind parameter and two gonfalons (easy to “re-skin”).
  • And more !

Texture size : 1024x1024
Collision : Mostly Custom
Vertex Count : 112~1405 (majority under 500)
Meshes : 72
Materials and instances : 119 (including Post-process and Landscape)
All materials are designed to be instanced.
1 showcase map and 2 examples.
Intended platforms : Linux, Mac, Windows, Gaming consoles


Documentation & Changelog :
(Don’t worry when browsing, website true name is but Epic marketplace doesn’t know modern 1st level domains. I had to buy a .com → redirect…)

**Base video :

1.3 video :