and again: a good water/ ocean solution would be great for ue

hi, in these days i´ve to make an decission:

to learn ue (which is a real good engine, with perfect support, physics etc.)
to learn cryengine (which has an very good water system).

when i saw the first demoreels from ue, i was really astonished, that there are great physics etc.
but no good water- / ocean- simulation.

imho it´s an essential point for creating believable landscapes, to use an good water-/ fluid-sytem.

and here is my question to epic:
is in the nearest future such an system coming in the box with ue(?).

thanks a lot for an answer.


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Closing this one as there are similar threads on this topic already. Please ask your question in one of the feedback threads above. Two of the links are dynamic ocean systems provided by the community, btw, so you may want to give them a try first.