Ancient Ruins Pack

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Ancient ruins pack contains a set of modular assets for creating highly detailed ruin environment.

Showcase Video


The package also provides some foliages like grass, ivy, trees, and bush.

Drag the meshes to your scene and place them by using grid.

After purchase, you will get an example level that showcases how these assets are used to create fully environment.


  • 119 model assets (grass,trees, ivy and bush are included)
  • Built using the grid
  • Material Instances with parameters
  • PrecomputedAO moss on walls
  • Clouds light function on directional light
  • Custom colliders
  • Generated LODs
  • Demonstration level with static lighting

More info about this project on my Artstation.
There is also an interview with 80 Level.

That’s a really good package. Maybe you could create some flowers to add complementary colors to the scene. Now it’s all green and grey. With some pink-purple flowers, even if you add only few of them here and there it will make a difference.

Thank you! Yeah, I wanted to create some flowers but making this pack already have been taken too much time. Maybe I will add them on further updates.