Ancient Market - Game ready environment demo reel made with Unreal Engine

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to finally share the environment I’ve done under the mentorship of Jude Godin at Think Tank Training Centre in Vancouver, Canada. The scene is heavily inspired by Tian Xiang’s painting. I was fully responsible for all aspects of the project apart from the smaller plants and fruits from Quixel Megascans.

Here you have some shots, if you want to seemore content check out the post on Artstation.

Liked it a lot! :cool: Hope you’ve got plans for this as a game, or if not the Marketplace awaits dude.:stuck_out_tongue:
As a level walk-through its reminiscent of an updated version of a classic COD Community Map!
Flawless! A fly-through of birds, or even small animals or just smoke, would complete the scene.:wink:

I second the idea of adding birds, fire, smoke to reach a more polished version. Therefore, it is absolutely beautiful work!