Ancient Garden (Animation+ renders)

Like many others, I am in love with ancient buildings and structures around the world. I created this garden in two weeks and used some Ancient Achaemenid (500 BC) architectural elements in it. I had modeled the columns a few years ago for another project and the rest were modeled in the last two weeks. I modeled everything myself except the huge bearded man which is a scan made by Benoît Rogez and I would like to thank him for this amazing scan.
Hope you enjoy watching it. Like always C&C are most welcomed.
By the way as always, I am open to work and finding new artist friends �, so feel free to message me.
I created this project with these specs:
GPU: GTX 1650 Super 4GB
CPU: Intel i7 2700k
Ram:16 GB
Software: UE5, Quixel Megascans, Maya, Substance painter, Edius
This beautiful music piece is made by Scott Buckley,I would like to thank him.
Wayfarer by Scott Buckley



Hi there @JVAD3D,

Hope you’re doing well!

There are so many things I want to say about this. I want to compliment the sculpture details, the color choices, the lighting, the decision to incorporate living creatures- just all of it. Every aspect of this scene is so genuinely impressive and breathtaking. Especially how the garden isn’t falling apart from old age, that’s probably such a small thing to notice but the environment being in good condition made the entire scene so lovely to look at.

Great job, I hope to see more of your work soon!

Thanks for you kind words. Your words double my energy level.

Nice work, congrats !

Brillant!!! Details are awesome!

Thanks Khayal


Hello JVAD3D, this is a Amazing Work!!! Can you tell me please, from where do you have this fantastic Persepolis Statues?

Hello Andy,
I modeled everything myself except the bearded man which was a scan I found on sketchfab.

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Hello JVAD3D, thank you very much for your replay. I am a Great fan from the Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt Time! Have you perhaps a Link to the “Bearded Man”?

Yes Andy
#20 - Assyrian Human-headed winged bull 859 B.C - Download Free 3D model by Azad Balabanian (@azadbal) [3da20a3] (

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That makes two of us, If you search bull headed man in sketchfab you probably will find more 3D models of this bearded man.

Watched your showreel. Great work!


Hello JVAD3D. Great work, i like it. :+1:


Hi it’s so nice . And I have a question do you have any video from it and any video show how you do the work .and any way for connection with you

great job.