Ancient Environment - problems/need fix


We bought the Ancient Environment but there are few problems.

  1. Ruins_19 - has some texturing issues. The textures are wrong or the UV are messed up. Need to fix this.
  2. Ruins_23 - There are no materials attached to the stairs so there is a checker. I could fix this by attaching manualy but I dont think that this is the case buying a pack :slight_smile:
  3. I wanted to contact the author, so I went to marketplace and… the package is gone. Why is that ?

Hope to get soon a fix especially for the Ruins_19.


Packages that are not supportet from the author get deleted from Epic. That because the Author has to support his pack… but if he dont… then consequences.
So my infos are

Check here:

I was searching first before posting this thread but I must misspelled it and couldnt find any topic. I see that Manufacutra has sent a fix so I guess it will be fixed in the near future :slight_smile:

you can message them, confirm purchase and get update faster, i guess.