Ancient Amuletor VR

hello guys

as a small studio we’ve been developing a VR game called Ancient Amuletor for the last 10 months, and finally now a free demo is released on PSVR! YEAH!!!

if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to give it a try from here](!/en-us/games/ancient-amuletor-demo/cid=UP1560-CUSA07770_00-ANCIENTAMULETOR0), it’s FREE!

The final game will be coming soon to PSVR, and Rift, Vive in the following month, which would include more heroes, maps, bosses, and co-op mode, etc.

the game features heroes play where each one has unique controls and skills, the players can swap between them dynamically and teleport around the level to defeat enemies and protect crystals.
so basically it’s kinda a tower defense game but you are just the towers.

and since it’s very interesting to be able to see yourself in VR, we also try to present the full body, like this

Hope you enjoy it, and we’d be much appreciated for any feedbacks~

So Excited

Hope you guys like it!:slight_smile:

looks great !!