Anchors for Camera to move around presentation plan


I think the time for me has come to join this zone of Cyber Space.

I am working on a Project X which forced me to learn UE4 1 year ago. ATM, facing a couple of challenges that I need to overcome to make my Project presentable. Game Developers is a prime audience for now, because the scope of the project is too large for me to cope with solely, and amount of tasks to be done, is too great. Focus of a Project is upon using tech to assist individual and collective progress.


>Following is a perfect tool for organizing, presenting and storing any kind of information. I will share design with you in exchange for help with blueprinting.

<Camera feed view port

<Arrow Up next point.
<Arrow Down previous point.
<Arrow Left next available point (left side)
<Arrow Right next available point (right side side)

>>On input key press
<Rotate camera component around axis
<Until next available point is within center of a view port
<Anchor point set up on each point where camera is attached to
<Arrow presses rotate camera using location of next anchor points as a center of the screen

To comprehend it, imagine branching tree or neural network. Junction is a place of current camera position. Each sub point is branching from it. You are able to toggle between subtopics on input event arrow left and right. You are able to move between point and sub point with arrows up and down - next and previous.

To sum up, what I need is

Camera - Pawn

>>UP DOWN switch position with animation blend
<transition between Topic and Sub Topic
<Camera has to be positioned on anchor points,
<Transition occurs between them.

>>Camera Rotation examining subtopics
<Sub Topic and Subtopic

>Guidance or resources that I can follow, to achieve it…

Topic_Point_Sub Point each is a copy of itself with reduced size, attached to parent. Blueprint is set to easily access parameters for customization. A great tool for planning. I intend to use it and with AR, it will completely Overpower our species.

Cant afford to spend another year searching for it. My personal funding has finished, I must complete the plan and present it to Epic to acquire further funding. As well as start promo, to gain awareness of the public. This Project is an idea. A chance to improve.

Implementation of this idea, when BP is properly organized and optimized for uneducated (IT) user, is limitless. It is the future of note taking and presenting. Please let me know you opinion on this, as well as guidance in implementing it. Ideally someone with LVL 100 in Unreal has to do it. I think I did good enough for 1 year in UE4. But would be glad to follow your instructions.

Here is where I will use it… Sharing the text on following pictures is a thread to my idea, most of you can create planned and use it. But the vision I am chasing is far greater. Worst case, I did my part in progress. X

All text actors belong to Copy of a Master BP parented to related point. If I play, they will rotate around parent point. All sub points slowly rotate around point, all points are rotating around topic. All texts are facing player camera. Particle system that burns your retina is to guide you, is not attached yet.

Due to limited screen shot size, I post following links, so you can see, WTF i am talking about.

Zone 1_Identity_Self_User_Ego_Id…iosis_7_zones/


BP of the MasterParentPlanet

That is a thread on reddit that I will soon populate with information about my project
If you want to steal some ideas, this is a place to go
That Project is a Vision m chasing.
CyberSpace is a Dimension.

Hope you can understand, apologize for a lot of text

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