Anchored after leaving pawn

Hi All,

I’ve been looking at a lot of posts, and can’t quite find a solution to this. Scenario:

  1. I’m avoiding the level BP, and performing a possess on a vehicle pawn (plane).
  2. I can possess the pawn and attach my character to it from my character BP. Everything is fine.
  3. To get out of the plane, I use the plane BP (see below) to detach and posses the character again, however I cannot resume full control of the character - I am outside of it in ‘T’

position, at world 0,0. I can turn/look but not animate or move.

How do I resume full control of the 3rd person character?

Any hints/suggestions would be much appreciated.

I just wanted to close out this question, the issue here was detaching was making it impossible to possess, resulting in the controller being stuck outside a body. Removing the detach node fixes this.