Anchor field for chaos geo collection within BP?

Can I add an anchor field to a Bp that is basically a destructible object, containing geo col component?

I could apply physics fields of all type, but anchor does not seem to work.

Any way to do this?

I have no answer to this. I hope someone knowledgeable enough comes soon.

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Would also throw in an extra question:
Most of the fields on the Geometry collection component are indeed accessible in BP logic to set them, but calling their respective set nodes mostly dont work.
Stuff like stopping it from simulating, or doing basic stuff like changing collision profiles or reactions per channel, etc.

All the stuff that works if pre-set, seekingly cannot be changed at runtime.

Is this just because it is undercooked still for Bp usage or am I doing something wrong?

And the bonus of all bonus questions:
If I set a geometry collection bp component to static - it still behaves as if it was dynamic and falls down / breaks - any trick to set it to truly static?