Analyzing Map Dependencies

Hey all, I’ve been having trouble tracking down whether there are existing analysis tools that would be useful in crafting a data gathering util to measure how well balanced packages are. I’ve been playing with making my own UFE automation tests. Similar to FLoadAllMapsInEditorTest, I can load a map and use it to walk down the level and actor lists. What I’m not clear on is whether, at run time, there is any way to identify what .uasset an actor came from and/or whether there’s any way to monitor the loading system and record every uasset that was loaded as a result of loading a umap. If there is no way to find that out, I’d want to have an alternative non-editor-based method to analyze a .umap file to get the list of assets referenced.

Once the list of .uassets is constructed, then we can handle comparing with the UnrealPak.exe response input files to create data / a heat map and make decisions accordingly. It’s just not clear to me yet whether the correct approach would be to utilize the game engine to load maps and do runtime queries, or whether there are command line utilities that already exist that provide readable text info about UE4 maps or assets.