Analog sticks in action events

I was wondering wether it is possible to have the analog sticks generate actions events on their specific axis. For instance, when the X axis is minus, generate an action event. The problem I am currently having is that while analog sticks work great for axis events, they are downright impossible to use when you want the effect to be applied only once when you hold the stick down (considering these things constantly fire and even when you set the detection to a certain value only, it would still keep firing endlessly when that value is reached).

For instance, this functionality is useful for when you are navigating an interface. I know I can use the D-pad for this kinda stuff (and currently I am doing so), but I want to keep my controls consistent and have the movement of, well, anything, including those in the interface, to be mapped to one analog stick.

I could technically work with a bool that I set to false when the input of the analog stick is 0 and checking the Tick to see whether it is false or not, but I’m afraid that would be heavier than just having an action event.

@cridia you can create separate action events with same keys. And those event will fire only once.

Hope it is useful.


Heh, now I feel stupid. I completely looked over the “thumbstick up” and other thumbstick direction functions.

Good to know that you found what you were looking for.