An unreal process has crashed

Can someone explain to me what could be happening to stay like this? Every time I open an animation project this happens

Hey there @GuiAzis! So whenever you start seeing memory location errors pointing back to DX12 scripts, it’s usually pointing to driver issues. These can be caused by a myriad of things, be it needing to update drivers, sometimes downgrade them to studio drivers, sometimes it can be an overlay/performance tool like Rivatuner, Shadowplay, or MSI afterburner, you may need to go into your GPU’s software and reset it to defaults.

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, head over to the control panel and reset global to defaults.

If that fails, a thread with other possible workarounds:

Let me know how it goes!

my video card is an AMD Randeon R7 M445, I updated it, but it kept giving the error, can there be another update to do besides the GPU?

Generally if you’re getting the AMD official drivers, you’re good there. Dropping it to DX11 didn’t help either? Basically we just need to get you in client first and then we can also change AA settings. Temporal can sometimes have other knock on issues. You don’t have any of those overlays or monitors running?

what do you mean dx11? I didn’t touch that, I just downloaded the driver from the AMD website for the card and tried to start the project

Oh sorry! The post I sent over goes over a ton of fixes/workarounds for somewhat similar issues. One of them is to change the RHI and see if it launches. You’re currently failing to access a memory location and changing which RHI may allow you to open the project. However there is still an overarching issue that doing each of these things can help diagnose.

Now I got it, I had to format my computer, when I installed unreal again, it started working. Thank you for your help.

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