An owls diary - 1 year unreal


My name is Filiztas Brämer and i want to tell you a unreal story.
A very chaotic, but tempting one, one with many ups and downs.
This is all what i achieved in 1 year of unreal engine 4…

So my adventure into gamedev starts very early… i made my first steps when i was 11, starting with level design and the a bit later coding.
Then later i took part of the modding scene in the elder scolls oblivion, there i learned all my design skills, right in a community non commercial driven zone.
True passionists meets total newbie. That time was the time to make big erros, but also great friends and heavy knowledge.

Then was time of a big letdown as i realized, i want to make something great but hadnt had the tools.
So wandering of road… cryengine… unity… **** that was deep. It was very depressing to not have the tools to exceed your own skills.
Cryengine was a great dive into the world of professional game development, but it was unfriendly and **** i dont know that much coding…

We just ran through 10 years of my life! And yet it was the most fun in my life.
In early April or march 2015 i discovered unreal engine 4, it was through!
I didnt know about ue4, i always assumed they stopped with udk… silly.

Ue4 and the fact that i started visiting a school for gamedevelopment gave me the opportunity to: actually get to work.
UE4 is the most perfect tool for a creative mind out there and i totally recked myself with it, i learned maya, learned animation, pbr, materials, coding and filemanagement in a matter of 1 year.
I perfected my workflow for 3d, designing my own unique techniques and expanding the unreal engine material capabilities.
This feels so much like modding, but yet it is fully commercial and i have complete access to everything.

My greatest project wich i worked on for a long time has reached a percent of progress never even to be imagined with other engines.
I created a huge 4km² island created lots of assets, designed the place planned it and then just started executing it.
I was all alone all the time, but always when i had a question or a problem the ue4 community was just there.
I listened and then just executed it. There is nothing else. You Train or you loose, so i decided to work hard and give everything, even the slightest to make my greatest dream true has to be executed.

So: what is the progress? What can i show to you?

At the moment im pretty depressed… my PC is very old and cant handle most of the things well… my project is completly frozen, i cant even load the level cause its just so packed with detail and world…
Im writing this to have it all from my soul, sigh :|.

drops mic

Even with WIP your project is awesome mate, BTW i’m working on i5 Lenovo Laptop with 6 G Ram for the past 5 years :o
Don’t leave it too long. We all need a break though. You have some talent there and it’s a shame to let it rot.
I think i saw some of pics of project cronos last year, i guess it’s you.

Take time to let yourself unwind, game deving ain’t easy. Hope to see you back in action soon :slight_smile: Beautiful screenshots!

Hi i just wanted to say thx to you all, on facebook here and in the slack chat. There was big positive resonance and feedback wich makes me feel very good but also very accepted.
It feels good to know that hard work really pays off and that this community has alot of people that really want to push you forward in your life as dev.

I actually took a break and played alot of games and blending all dev stuff out for a while… great shoutout to hourences and the solus prject here…

This brought back some old powers of mine and more energy, i have made huge breakthroughs with the project and i think i have found a solution for my bad pc problem.
The interest in my project has grown so big without me doing much… i tried to hide it but it is so big and has so much impact on my other projects that most of you already know what is coming there.

I learned very much in the meantime and i now have a action plan.



Im actually very sure now that i can accomplish my huge task, the progress i have already made is huge and i think after 4 years this project soon will be ready to come out.
Im teasing you bigtime here, but after this short break im new devoted and have fate in my skills.

Thx you all so much for beeing here!


That game looks beautiful! Don’t give up, you got this! You made it this far :wink:

Can you explain what your project is about a bit more?

Not all of these screens were inside that project, i had many scenes just for training.
My game has just one style and i will talk about that when its ready :3
But it already can compete with all what i shown here…

Hi Felicitas,
don’t be sad, have fun.
Your hardware limitation is your own problem so far i understand you right.
I would break down levels into smaller pieces.
Big landscapes for a single dev are cool as scenery, but the performance impact is huge.
Not only to fill it is a problem, more the opt. process, if you ask me.
Reorganize your project, or buy new hardware.
You made such great personal experience-progress to an eyecandy-point.
Do not rest to long. Better make some LOD and replace meshes.
When you use single tiles, you could later arrange them.
press thumbs
Sincerely Bauch :slight_smile:

You’ll find game development always comes in periods of super awesome productivity, to days where you bang your head off the screen for hours at a time. Like you found, when you get those days (or weeks or months) take a break, go do something completely different. Subconsciously you’ll find a solution in time.

Good luck with your project (from one artist to another - it looks gorgeous) and keep us updated with your progress :slight_smile:

Im blown away by the amount of positive feedback here O.o you are all amazing and you just keep supporting me! You are giving me real strength to keep working and work even harder.
Thank you all so much for empowering me!