An other update on my Doom2Remake project!

An other update on my Doom2Remake project !
This is my progress so far. What do you think ? :slight_smile:

Hey there .

I can only say one word…

…AWESOME !!! thats a huge progress from the first version i saw from you. Congrats :slight_smile:

keep up the good work

Thanks sorlag ! Good feedbacks gives me the energy to keep on working on it :slight_smile:

not bad, looks fun) want more)

Looks very nice!
But honestly I find everything too reflective and “bloomy”. Especially in the corridor the bloom and specularity of the materials is way to overpowered…

If you don’t mind me asking, how do you handle gibbing? Do you have an FX / Physics asset for every bad guy that’s split into their limbs and then switch from the skeletal mesh to it and launch the pieces with an impulse when gibbed?

It looks very nice mate, although some tips and opinions, firstly I would personally tone down the lighting a tiny bit, it seems really bloomy and bright without the lights affecting too much if that makes sense, secondly with the video, it’s rather hard to understand you mainly because the game audio is rather loud, I would suggest turning it down and then having your voice over the top, if you wanted you could duck the audio while speaking so that way with sections that you dont speak as much you can crank the audio up a bit.

And there will be :slight_smile:

Yeah you are not the first one to say so, i will keep that in mind, thanks.

When the enemy character gets a hit that takes more then 50 damage and the enemy’s health getting below zero because of that, it will be destroyed and right before that will spawn a gibs blueprint ( With the node “Spawn blueprint from class” )
The gibs blueprint has radial impulse at spawn. and all the gibs are static meshes that have simulate physics “on”.
They each spawn particles for 1 burst and then the particles components are destroyed. about 4 seconds later the gibs getting shrinked and disappears. the gibs blueprint also spawns Decal with consideration of the environment ( Still need to be twiked ) it shots 6 trace lines in all directions 90 degrees from each others ( forward, backward, left, right, up, down) and making the average vector of the hit points.
And it ignores some hit points if there are too many, That is all actually. :slight_smile:

Only after i’v uploaded and posted the video i’v noticed it lol, next time i will make sure the game volume isn’t too loud. and i can really record the video and then make the talking afterward and implement it, so my talking will make more sense. Thanks for the advises.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Love it -Great gore and splatter effects!

Brilliant, thanks for sharing.

Nice work, I love the gib effect.