, an online 3D modeling app looking for feedback

Hi all,

3D modeling is hot and getting hotter day by day. Is an online 3D modeling tool something you could use?

We’re working hard to create a free web-based 3D modeling application called . It is meant for 3D modellers looking for an easy-to-use online 3D editing app. No animation, no rendering, just solid web-based 3D tools wrapped in a friendly interface.

We’re getting ready to go live and are looking for feedback! A beta version was released some time ago at [). What’s good, what can be improved? We’d love to hear you tell us what you want a 3D modeling tool to be! So please drop us a line at our website or here in the forums. :slight_smile:


Seems to be cool alternative for someone who doesn’t have any programs installed :slight_smile:

It depends who you’re aiming this at - modern game art encompasses many techniques which would be difficult to pull off in a web app (probably), or at least one that’s easy to use.

I paid for the DeleD tool written in … Delphi? … many years ago.
It was kind-of neat, but had some annoying habits that made it really hard to use in reality, and never really got fixed by the developers.
It was super easy to draw out a few corridors and rooms, and get them default textured/light-mapped, though, so props for that!

I’m not sure if this is already available somehow, but if not, you should add a double-axis movement to the move gizmo. At the moment, you can only move on a single axis, or in screen space. I think it’s important to have XY, YZ, XZ constrainted movement.

Thanks a bunch for the feedback guys, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

 @DaveFace: we're aiming at indie gamedev's looking for an easy-to-use 3D app. DeleD won't compete with the high-end packages out there when it comes to animation or fancy rendering and all that, but it will offer super easy-to-use 3D editing tools in a webbased environment.

@jwatte: I remember we discussed 3D tools a few times back in the day - very nice to meet you again! :slight_smile: We fixed a number of things but not all of them (had to make some hard choices… :p). I’m glad to see you liked the ease-of-use of the old DeleD in certain areas. will be (and already is) even easier in many more aspects.

 @Kristiamo: double-axis movement has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. I've placed it at the top of DeleD's backlog now so you can expect it to be realized soon! :) Btw, we want to be as open as we possibly can about DeleD's development, so its backlog can be found at [https://beta.deled.io/#Community/Topic?id=21](https://beta.deled.io/#Community/Topic?id=21). Features can also be submitted and voted on right there in the Features forum.

@Kristiamo: I’ve added double-axis moving and scaling to 3D views in DeleD. It, indeed, adds a lot to the experience. Thanks again for suggesting it. :slight_smile: I’m open for more requests!

DeleD has been moved to a new domain. It can now be found at www.deled.io.