An objective system using trigger boxes?

Hey, I want to make a level that has 3 trigger boxes that are the player’s objectives to interact with. However, I want these triggers to be interacted in at any order then play a sequence. I’m not sure how to go about blueprinting the triggers to be allowed to be interacted in any order. Any help would be appreciated

If your issue is knowing that all three have been interacted with before playing a sequence I’d try to following:
Have a ObjectiveManagerBlueprint that lives in the level, each ObjectiveBlueprint(with boxtrigger) will register itself with the manager. The Manager can listen to the overlaps of each one and once all the Objective Triggered flags are true you and do whatever you need to (can run a check on each overlap).

Do note that you can do that in the Level Blueprint as well, if you intend the logic to only be used in this one level. There’s no need to make a new actor.