An Issue with Visibility Trace Channel -- Please Help!

So I purchased this Player Building System. I love it so far however, there is this really annoying issue I am having. (Part of the building system uses a Box Collision to detect the Foundation Grid, That box Collision causes my player to “step up” onto the collision and it is preventing me from using a line trace to detect the Physical Material Property on the placed foundation)
Now, I understand that without this box collision, I cannot place anymore foundations. But is there a way to make it so the Box Collision doesn’t collide with my character? I’ve tried turning all the Collision presets to “Ignore” but the Collision channels aren’t affected by this. Only the Visibility Trace Channel is and for some reason the Visibility Trace Channel causes my player to collide into the Box Collision and If I turn the Visibility Trace Channel to Ignore or Overlap, the Foundations no longer snap to the grids. How can I bypass this without redoing the entire Building System?

I would email to asset creator for help - without having the asset its really difficult to help solve this.