An Idea

Just an idea i had, dont think ill be able to work on it but, i wanna share it, might help someone!


Game Concept

Synopsis (same as movie): Special Police Force raiding a drug smuggling / human trafficking etc is every mission

Level Eg.
-15 Floors Building
-Cruise Ship
-Massive Factory

Switchable between first person and 3rd person (shooting) [Settings]
Switchable between melee and shooting

Melee Fighting System
-Kinda like Batman Arkham Asylym

Shooting System
-Kinda like Wareface

Arresting Reward System
-Healthy, Wounded and Incapacitated Suspects all reward different xp

Highly Customizable Weapons

Scoring System
-50xp for Killing/Nutralizing
-100xp for Capturing/Arresting

Buying System
-After and before missions
-Spend xp to earn equipment