An ia has been duplicated but only one works

To cut a long story short, my enemy is a skeleton lying on the ground hidden under a mist. The player approaches an object, which triggers a box collision that activates the enemy, who then stands up and attacks the player. The problem is that when I duplicate the enemy character in the level and trigger the box collision, only one enemy gets up. I’ve tried placing one by one from the folder into the level but same problem, only one enemy gets up. If there are several enemy skeletons on the level and I delete the only one that stood up, another one will stand up in its place.

So the activation is only done

for one character and doesn’t apply to the others.

Assuming the top 3 images come from the skeleton BP, this looks dodgy:

Which blueprint is this in? How do we get the As Skelet Soldier? You do not mention it, but the chase probably does not happen either, does it?

so this blueprint come from an actor that only has a box collision, and no the chase happen and perfectly work but only for one ennemy, and we get the “as skeletal soldier” with
Event begin play > Get all actor of class “Skelet Soldier” > get a copy > cast to skeletal soldier > promote to variable "as skeletal soldier

That’s the problem I was expecting. You cannot make it work with this node, it will always work for one.

ho okay thank you dude, do you have any idea of how i can make it work ?

You have a skeleton, let each one handle its own thing:

You probably do not even need this at all:

okay i understand but where do i return the variable “activate” to true because its this variable that trigger the event to make the enemies stand up


Tbh, you do not even need all those booleans, not for this at least. You may have other use for them, ofc.

The player approaches an object, which triggers a box collision that activates the enemy, who then stands up and attacks the player.

Does every enemy have a separate box? How does it work? How does a box know which enemy is which? One box for them all?

Okay so if i do this they will stand up if they are in the chase zone but not by activating them from the object in the middle of the room, as I’d originally planned, if I understand correctly?

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Yeah. Is the object in the middle of the room supposed to activate all of them at once?

the box in the middle sets the “activate” variable to true, and this variable is only present in this enemy, which has been duplicated in the level. So yes, the basic plan is that the player approaches an object in the middle of the room and all the enemies, which are all a single actor duplicated many times, stand up and attack the player.

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This was unclear. In that case, instead of this:


This is not the most elegant solution there is but should work.

IT WORK thank you man you a hero

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