an extra mesh

Hi! I used blender 6.1 ACEII exporter. In UE4 I found my skeleton mesh has an extra mesh which is totally off the character. I look at the character, the original mesh is not missing. I checked on blender, I don’t see that mesh has double.
And I can’t take it away. can you help?

Hey there!
I’m no expert but just trying to help:

Double check other layers, maybe it’s on a different layer and you forgot about it when worked on the model.
if not, maybe in Edit mode you can see it for some reason, also double check the outliner.

I checked again with all layers. couldn’t find anything extra in Blender.

Did you try to export with Binary 7.4 instead of ASCII ?

problem solve. But if I use Binary 7.4, bones problem will appear. other expert advise don’t use Binary 7.4. cuz the offset bone won’t work on Binary 7.4.