An experienced developer

Hello and good day all. Here in about 6 months I will be going to college to study game design. However, I have took it upon myself to study it and try to learn it independently before that time comes. I have been trying to learn everything I can about UE4, 3DS , Maya, and mud box that I can. Sadly, I have hit a bump in the road. When I wish to inquire about specific information; I find it very hard to fill that gap of information. I am well aware that there are in fact numerous ways to fill in this gap of knowledge however, when it comes to learning I find it far more effective to talk to somebody who already has experience with the concept over doing copious amounts of research, reading and what not. As such I would greatly appreciate it if I could perhaps have a Skype call with someone here who has a greater deal more experience than I with the engine. All in the hopes of getting tutored and perhaps learning more about game development, specifically level design. Again, it would mean the world to me to talk to someone in this sort of degree. Please and Tank you. If you are willing to assist me in such a manner or have any advice please comment below any input is greatly appreciated. Again Thank you all so very much for taking your time to listen to me.

You could:

-join the ue4 skype group:
-add me: (but I’m not so active in skype)
-or just post the questions into the forum -> we are always here to help you :slight_smile: