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Inner Thoughts: VOL. 1: A music pack consisting of deeply emotional themes and instrumentation that would be great for a wide varity of game contexts, cut scenes, trailers, and more.

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sounds are pretty good.
a lot of people dont start putting music and finishing touches to scenes until later in the game dev.
since a lot of projects are hobbyists and get started but never finished, it might be tough to find a large market for it here esp at $250. Not that its a bad price point though. Just might be tough to find buyers at this level.
hopefully you do. Good luck.

Amazing stuff.

Call me crazy but for game development, I think in the long run, there will need to be a different music licensing model for music in games.

Yes, we may have to move to the dreaded “cloud” music model, even for music in games.

Which is admittedly sad because music has been no doubt devalued by Spotify and other music streaming services.

People just want a constant stream of the “coolest” sounding stuff at the rock-bottom price.

All the best.

Thank you both for your comments below. We do understand and acknowledge that a large amount of developers searching the Unreal Marketplace are maybe first time developers, startup studios, or low budget projects which is all great. Those developers are not our target audience.
We feel that the music we’re offering is fairly priced considering the emotionally rich thematic nature of our work and the fact that we use a live recorded orchestra. I can’t say what will work best for someone else’s game ($5.00 music vs. $200.00 and up) but I know that we take pride, are extremely passionate, and are focused on offering a great value considering the time and effort put into creating our content. I would rather not sell one single music pack at our $200.00 price point than devalue our hard work at a $20 or $30 dollar price point. There’s nothing healthy about that in my opinion and ultimately damages the entire landscape in this space because the community starts to form an unrealistically low price expectation for high quality work. We don’t contribute to that.

Thanks again,

Good explanation.
price point is good. and pretty cheap for being able to use commercially royalty-free.