An array of actors following a circle curve/spline

Hi everyone, I am new to Unreal’s blueprint scripting and have a very shallow understanding of programming at the moment. I would appreciate your expertise in this area. :slight_smile:

I have a torus ring that I would like to create an array for in unreal and fit it along a perfect circle curve with a parameter I can change the distance between each torus to customize more precisely how they intersect.

Below is my desired outcome.

I have found this old thread pertaining to this topic

I’m just such a noob that I don’t know how to get these nodes in Unreal


I am also curious as to how I could have each individual torus in the array rotate on the y-axis or x and y axis at the same time. :~) I mean if it is too complicated then that’s okay.

First one is “Divide” (type in the context menu: / )

second one is '“Multiply” (type in the context menu: * )

third is “Int to Float” (just drag from the Int pin to Add a new node, type in the Context Menu: to float, you should find it

you’re the best :~)