An ARK Song of Fire and Ice


I’m working on a Mod to create quests and the more I work on it the more an other project take place in my mind.

I would like to start a Total Conversion in the World of Games of Throne, including :

  • the map of westeros and a smaller version of Essos
  • the main religions : the Old Gods, The Seven, R’hllor, The Many-Faced Gods, The Drown God
  • the main Ethnic Groups: the First Men, Valyrian, Rhoynard, Andals, Dothraki
  • stop at a medieval tier and adding some ressources, weapons, armor…
  • studying the possibility to include the NPC capture system of Conan Exile, adding a way to capture buildings or even villages and make a tribe/familly become king of a region
  • NPC humans can have children. We can imagine a hard version where the player can too and can play one of his/her heir after death, without heir you have to create a new character but keep what belongs to your family/tribe or create a new one free from any family and start all over again
  • addind white walkers and creatures specific to GoT
  • let the possibility to turn on/off the dinos for a more realistic Got Universe or a real mix between Got and Ark
  • skills/magic ?! career pathes ?!
  • monetary system
  • familly blason designer and items to personnalize with it as tabards, flags…
  • adding tools to manage a kingdom with level of food/water available, population, equipement of NPCs, attributes of group of NPCs…
  • training grounds for NPC to make them earn levels

I can do some 3d models (with my amateur skill items mainly, i still got work with materials between ue and blender), blueprint graph, work on icons and textures, sounds and music…

As you can see this is a not so simple and long task that will requires hours of work and brings a lot of issues that’s why I’m looking for people to work with :

  • I have never done maps so someone good with it will be great
  • if you are a 3d designer that want to show your skill on a GoT/Medieval theme you’re welcome
  • even a blueprint programmer will be welcome, two are faster than one and better to solve problems

So if you are interested in working on this project, adding your ideas and wishes of course, just let me know and tell what you can do and we will see if we can assemble a team who will make this project feasable.

If you’re just interested to see this project be born you can also tell it to bring motivation ^^

This is indeed a pretty big project that will required lots and lots of work. (Could take a year ^^)
If I was really skilled with ue4 I’d definetly try to help, but I’m pretty much a beginner on UE, I’ve been programming on few unity projects I tried to do, but still didn’t finish any that was worth finishing… (Not that it was bad or anything, just that I didn’t have much time to invest in it because of exams ^^…)

Otherwise, I’d really be happy to see such mod come out. Especially if you make it compatible with other mods so we can maybe add our own Game of Throne stuff if someone does some day.
This is a great idea (In my opinion), a bit big to do especially if you’re not really used to UE in general, but still doable.

I look forward to this project if it ever comes out ^^.
(Please posts some screenshots once you have some progress done, I’d really like to see how good it’s going once in a while :slight_smile: )

I will mention there is already a group making the GoT map. Not sure how far along they are working on it, but they have several people working on it to see it finished. As far as the mod, it’s a big undertaking. Many of these things are very similar to what we are already doing. We’ve had a public mod now for 6 months for 3 months not public, and probably just as long to go before we finish with the 2 of us. The npc stuff is very intriguing, but from what i’ve seen so far this version of UE lacks many of the new npc abilities furnished by the newer versions which may slow down some of that.

Am a Skilled 3d artist been modelling stuff for the past 3 years softwares i am capable of using are 3ds max,maya,Quixel Suite,Substance painter,PS I really love to have people to work with and be part of something big.

yeah i don’t know where they are with their map and what they are doing with it. Wil they had a mini Essos across the see, will they had godswood, and ressources specific to agot?..

yeah the NPC thing is probably not the easiest thing to do, but i guess with some adaptations everything is doable.

I’ll gladely join you if you want to and merge our project, caus’ I just put some of my ideas, being a role playing gamer i’ve got dozen others ^^’

Sounds good to me, 3d models are essential and the more we are the better, I mean at least more than to be alone ^^